• Proficiency in Visual Effects (PVFX)

    visual effects, vfx

    Visual Effects(VFX) are a critical piece of our entertainment industry today. You can’t see any movies nowadays that don’t have VFX in one way or another. The world needs talented creatives who can generate high-quality visual effects in movies, tv shows, video games, and other forms of media/entertainment. Walk-in Educate expert-led courses will help you…

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  • Diploma in Mechanical Draftsman (DMD)

    Mechanical Draftsman

    In this course, students will discover the foundational concepts of Mechanical Design including modeling, applied mechanics, and basic engineering design and layout. Students will learn to use mechanical design automation software, geometric dimensioning and tolerance, basic blueprint reading and sketching, and more. Through hands-on projects like designing and creating a weed whip, golf putter, and…

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  • Diploma in Civil Draftsman (DCD)

    Diploma in Civil Draftsman

    This course is meant for the students who aspire to become Civil Draughtsmen who will be learning planning and drawing sketches of residential buildings, preparing working drawings of all types of buildings from line sketches in CAD, Planning, drawing, estimating, and costing of civil work, drawing plans by using CAD, and making of 3D models…

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  • Certification in Digital Marketing (CDM)

    Certification in Digital Marketing (CDM)

    Digital Marketing course is suited to entrepreneurs, people wishing to move into a career in digital marketing, and to people who already work in the marketing field, but feel they need to deepen and extend their knowledge of online marketing It will enable you to explore different aspects of digital marketing including digital consumer behaviour,…

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  • Advance Diploma in Graphics and Animation (ADGA)

    Advance Diploma in Graphics and Animation

    Advanced Diploma in Graphics & Animation 2 Year course is meant to train the students to add different kinds of effects to still objects. This course equips you with the creative skills and technical knowledge needed for jobs in the CGI, games, and VFX industries. With an emphasis on industry-relevant workflows, our project-based curriculum is…

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  • Diploma in Interior Design (DID)


    Interior Design 1 Year Diploma course gives the student a foundation of knowledge and skills in all the areas of Furniture Design, Interior Decoration, and Interior Design. Our courses have been integrated to allow a thorough exploration of each design concept. Simultaneously, virtual 3D models of interiors and furniture are created in the computer classes…

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  • Diploma in Graphic Design


    Diploma in Graphic Design course, students will explore the fundamentals of graphic design and the technical skills required to create aesthetically appealing messaging. Then develop into the design process, from research, ideation, sketching and prototyping, to implementation and watch your work come to life. Tackle creative briefs, sketch ideas on paper, and create quick prototypes…

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  • B.Sc. in Fashion Designing

    Duration: 3 Years Semester 1 Elements of Design Garment Manufacturing Machine Introduction to Computers Design Concept & Fashion Sketching Garment Construction – I Introduction to Computers Design Concept & Fashion Sketching Communicative English Fashion Fundamentals Semester 2 History of Design Textile Science Processing Pattern Making – I Fashion Illustration – I Textile Science & Wet…

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  • B.Sc. in Interior Designing

    Duration: 3 Years SEMESTER 1 Basic Design Building Material & Market Survey Introduction to Computers Architectural Drawing Basic Design Building Material & Market Survey Introduction to Computers Architectural Drawing Communicative English Interior Designing SEMESTER 2 Interior Design Studio & Market Survey – I Building Construction & Site Visit – I History of Design Furniture Design…

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  • Diploma in Web Graphics / Development(DWG)

    Diploma in Web Graphics / Development

    Diploma in web Graphics and development course provides essential knowledge and skills for designing, publishing, and maintaining websites for personal or professional use. Walk_In Educate to teach people how to create a web page, how to design a responsive website, with multiple features, web editor, web programming, website marketing, webpage & 2D creations, social media…

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  • Interior & Architecture Design (IDAD)

    Interior & Architecture Design

    Interior & Architecture Design course covers a broad range of design possibilities, ranging from reordering to transforming space. Our course will provide you with the facilities and education that you’ll need to succeed within the industry, you’ll learn to adapt existing buildings for new purposes and create exciting new spaces by designing stunning, functional interiors….

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  • Certificate in Graphics-DTP (CIG)


    Graphic Design provides you with the perfect working environment and opportunity to develop your creative practice, independently, under the guidance of a professional designer. Students can learn the fundamentals of display graphics, and learn to further appreciate the cultural values of the visual arts. Responding to a variety of projects, you will learn how to…

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  • Certificate in Videography

    Certificate in Videography

    Certificate in videography course at walk-in educate will teach you the basic concepts and techniques of videography. It includes starting from scratch, like how to hold a camera, adjust the lens, focus, and start shooting, followed by the editing, lighting, camera design, etc. The course helps to explore the video-capturing features for DSLR and goes…

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  • Certificate in Digital Photography

    Certificate in Digital Photography

    The digital photography course is meant to help you master your digital camera. Learn the basic functions of your camera so you can begin to shoot in manual mode, capturing higher-quality images of the people and places around you. Professional photographers will show you how to see the world as a photographer, whether you’re just…

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  • Diploma in Photography (DIP)

    Diploma in Photography

    Diploma Photography course provides hands-on, practical experience in the studio and on location, which will be vital for any aspiring professional photographer. For those with previous experience, this course provides a deeper exploration of the world of photography with tailored guidance from experienced photographers. Whether you want to work in photography or are interested in…

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  • Diploma in Fashion Designing (DFD)

    Diploma in Fashion Designing

    A diploma in Fashion Design follows current industry standards and expectations to prepare students for entry into the fashion industry. Led by industry professionals and educators in a fashion design studio setting, students learn to research for design inspiration, develop their personal aesthetics and merge their fashion designs into society as a whole.  They will…

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  • Diploma in Jewellery Design(DJD)

    Diploma in Jewellery Design

    Diploma in Jewellery Design is a Diploma level course. Jewellery designing is a creative art that combines knowledge of conceptualising jewellery design and then manufacturing various jewellery products. It is an intricate field of study that borrows heavily from the rich historical heritage of India and other countries. The modern-day artisans are taught about the different processes…

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