Placement Opportunities

At our Institute, we invite several reputed companies for campus recruitment of our students. We help our students for searching placement opportunities in companies. Our sole aim is to provide you with a good start to your career.
Our placement process is a well organised process governed by Institute guidelines which involves interactions with many HR departments of leading companies in the industry. Our placement programme provides career counselling for our potential students and an easy process to provide them with their “dream” jobs. We also train our students for the placements so they get good opportunities.
We also guide companies to recruit the most suitable candidate for their organisation. We have a dedicated placement counselors to meet all the requirements for job placements and ensure that only competent candidates are offered. We prepare complete information regarding our students and their expertise. We verify student’s resume to ensure that all sufficient information is provided and can also arrange for student interviews.
For the benefit of companies. our Institute provides a list of all students who are seeking employment. We also provide resumes and details of our students. Kindly contact us with the job profile and we will be happy to oblige you with details of our eligible students.

Career Guidance :

Our job is to provide assistance and individual counselling to students seeking job and define their long term career goals. We strive to train our students as per industry standards and keep them updated with latest technologies. Our placement department maintains a database of students and companies and regularly updates them with accurate information. We will periodically invite companies and students for a group meeting and networking session so as to enable candidates to understand the job requirements and interact with recruiters.
We provide relevant information like upcoming Job Fair, job advertisements to help students reach out to various companies and organize seminars for students to train them in the recruitment process.

  • Rahul Khambe

    Company : Doers Creative Solution
    Post : Jr Graphic Designer & Products Executive For Events

  • Mayur Solkar

    Company: Prime Focus Studio
    Post : Stereography & VFX Artist

  • Pramod Kanvekar

    Company : Neptune Engine Kit
    Post : Mechanical Design Engineer

  • Tejaswini S. Patil

    Company : Jinesh Doshi & Associates
    Post : Junior Architect

  • Monal Jagtap

    Company : Rishitech Thane
    Post : Web Designer

  •  Monika S. Borkar

    Company : Z Elements
    Post : Autocad & Interior Designer

  •  Krishna Soni

    Company : Rangakar Ad Agency
    Post : Founder and Director

  •  Suraj S. Khedekar

    Company : Home Revise Education Pvt. Ltd.
    Post : 2D Animator

  •  Shravan Rawal

    Company : Magic Wand Studio
    Post : 3D Lighting compositing artist

  •  Kinjal Dedhia

    Company : Laqshya Live Experiences
    Post : 3D Creative set Designer

  •  Sanket Desai

    Company : Eduisfun Technology Pvt. Ltd.
    Post : Game Designer

  •  Rohan Gavli

    Company : Life Ok Channel
    Post : Video Editor

  • Dharti

    Company : Designing Spaces
    Post : 3D Visualizer

  • Tejas

    Company : Concept & Space Studio
    Post : Interior Designer(Owner)

  • Satish

    Company : Home Town
    Post : Project Manager

  • Dhwani

    Company : 4th Dimension
    Post : Cad Designer

  • Subhash

    Company : Vedic Vani
    Post : Video Editor

  • Bhavani

    Company : Balgopal Textile
    Post : Merchandiser

  • Meghnath H. Bhagat

    Company : Divya Construction
    Post : Project co-ordinator
    Salary : Rs.24,200/-

  • Pradeep Mishra

    Company : Laughing Colours
    Post : Video Editor
    Salary : Rs.15,000/-

  • Rahul Gawde

    Company : Royal Chain pvt. ltd.
    Post : Photography and Editing
    Salary : Rs.13,OOO/-

  • Ritu rao

    Company : Idea publicity
    Post : Graphic Designer
    Salary : Rs.18,000/-

  • Harshali

    Company : Corporate Laddar
    Post : graphic Designer
    Salary : Rs.13,OOO/-

  • Neha

    Company : Articraft International
    Post : 2D designer (interior)

  • Ankita Wadekar

    Company : v2 Interior
    Post : Interior Designer

  • Harshada Kharpade

    Company : Jelwellery Company
    Post : Konak Shakti Developers
    Salary : Rs.6,000/-

  • Pranav Doshi

    Company : Media Barn
    Post : Editing Photoshop
    Salary : Rs.7,OOO/-

  • Sadab Shaikh

    Company : Technicolor Studio Banglore
    Post : Junior Gaming Artist

  • Saurabh Suthar

    Company : Sai Krupa Developers
    Post : Civil Supervisor

  • Vishwas Bangar

    Company : Social Samosa Media
    Post : Graphic Designer

  • Gajanan Kudtarkar

    Company : Arena Animations
    Post : 3D and Graphics Tutor

  • Megha Satam

    Company : Wedding Story
    Post : Senior Video Editor

  • Milind Kadam

    Company : Contiloe Pictures
    Post : VFX Compositor

  • Omkar Doiphode

    Company : Cine Tv Pictures
    Post : Assistant Photographer

  • Mayank

    Company : start his own studio near bhayndar walk-in branch
    Post : photography cover KBC, IPL , dus ka dam, big boss

  • Akash

    Company : Palavacity
    Post : Photography

  • Nitin Solanki

    Company : Bhoomi Event
    Post : 3D set Designer
    Salary : Rs.18,000/-

  • Dipa

    Company : Sources Unlimited
    Post : Project Coordinator & 3D designer
    Salary : Rs.15,000/-

  • Shahid Keskar

    Company : Media Barn
    Post : Photo Editor
    Salary : Rs.15,000/-

  • Tejashree Deshpande

    Company :
    Post : (Blogger and article writer)

  • Shabina Siddiqui

    Company : Asian Paints

  • Vishal

    Company : Laughing Colours
    Post : Photo Editor

  • Keval Bhavsar

    Company : GK Graphics
    Post : Senior Graphic Designer

  • Pratmesh

    Company : The Wedding Diary Production
    Post : Photography Videography & Editing

  • Monika Borkar

    Company : Element 5 Design Studio
    Post : Owner Interior Designer

  • Tejas Dethe

    Company : Rayal Chains
    Post : Jewellery Photography
    Salary : Rs.15000/-

  • Saad Tanki

    Company : 6 Elem
    Post : 3Ds Max interior
    Salary : Rs.17000/-

  • Mohit Patil

    Company : Sola’s modu Marine
    Post : Solidworks

  • Tasneem Waghoo

    Company : Rudra Advertising
    Post : Corel Draw
    Salary : Rs.11000/-

  • Chandani Vishwakarma

    Company : Cubic
    Post : Cad Designer
    Salary : Rs.13,000/-

  • Kinjal Dedhia

    Company : Riggerhouse Event Company
    Post : Senior set designer

  • Jatin Makwana

    Company : Asian Paints
    Post : Interior Designer

  • Gaurav Patel

    Company : Baba Motion Pvt LTD
    Post : Creative Producer