Interior & Architecture

Interior Designing & Architectural Designing (IDAD)

Walk_In Educate Interior designing courses in Mumbai Interior design is the workmanship and exploration of upgrading the interior of a working to accomplish a more beneficial and all the more stylishly satisfying condition for the general population utilizing the space.

Architecture can be compared to the body & Interior Design to the soul. There is no Life, without the body or soul. Be known for breathing Life into Mundane structures.

  • History of Interior and Architecture Material
  • Space Management
  • Drafting Skills and Detailing
  • Building Construction
  • Theme wise Planning and Designing
  • Graphical Representation
  • Rendering Plan
  • Computer Aided Drawing and Layout
  • 3D  Designing
  • Estimation and Vastu Shastra
  • Site Visit

Space Layout, Furniture Layout, Residential & Commercial Plan, Material Selection, Estimation
Job Area
Interior Designer, Interior Decorator, Project Manager, Landscape Designer, Interior Furnisher, Set & Stall Designer, Site Supervisor, Freelancer.
Duration: 324 Hrs