Diploma in Civil Draftsman (DCD) (MIDI)

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Draftsman also known as Drafters, Create Drawings and Plans that are used in Manufacturing and Construction. Drafters can be found in a Broad range of fields, including Architecture, Aeronautics, Civil engineering and Electronics.

  • Introduction to Civil
  • Drawing for Civil – Part 1
  • Foundation
  • Structures in Civil
  • Treatment in Building
  • Building Drawing – Public
  • Introduction to Computer Application
  • Building Drawing Residential


  • Drawing for Civil – Part 2
  • RCC Drawings
  • Public Health & Sanitation
  • Bridge Layout
  • Road Layout
  • Railway Layout
  • Computer Application Layout – Part 2
  • BMC Drawing

Commercial Building Layout, Drafting, Plan, Bridge Layout, Railway Project, Residential Building Layout, Roads Layout, BMC Project, Computer Plan etc.
Job Area
Drafters are Professionals who prepare Technical Drawings and Plan based on rough Sketches and Drawings, Calculations and Dimensions made by Architects, Engineers, Surveyors and Related workers, Drafting is used in almost every industry involved with Construction and Production.
Duration: 216 Hrs