Broadcast Media

Proficiency in Broadcast Media (PBM)

Walkineducate is one of leading Animation visual technique that provides the illusion of motion by displaying a collection available at Animation Courses in Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai and Bhayander.

This course explores the industry of Mass Media Students who earn the fundamentals of Broadcast Media which include Camera Handling, Writing, Direction and Editing techniques.

  • Cinematography (Duration: 54 Hrs)
  • Camera Shots
  • Camera Concepts
  • Pre-Production (Storyboarding)
  • Film Direction (Duration: 54 Hrs)
  • Scriptwriting
  • Camera Angle Studies
  • Videography
  • Digital Imaging and Video Editing ( Duration: 54 Hrs)
  • Photo editing and Retouchup
  • Video Editing Techniques
  • Audio Editing Skills
  • Live stop Motions and Compositing (Duration: 54 Hrs)
  • Shooting Techniques for Stop Motion
  • Music and Background Music
  • Compositing

Short films Creations, Retouch up, Documentary Movie, VFX Project, Digital Advertising Presentation and Layouts
Job Area
Script Writer, Cinematographer, Film Director, Photo Editing Artist, Video & Audio Editor, Compositor.
Duration: 216 Hrs