Walkineducate is one of leading Animation visual technique that provides the illusion of motion by displaying a collection available at Animation Courses in Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai and Bhayander.

Animation Training Institutes in Mulund West, Mumbai

Welcome to the best Animation Training Institute in Mumbai
When you say animation, the first thing that pops in your head is the Walt Disney cartoons, isn’t it? Well, do you have flair for drawing and want to prove your mark in animation? Then choose the Walk_in Educate to get yourself the right training udner right guidance of our faculty who help you to excel in this field.

About animation industry

Media and movies are the source for relieving your stress. To fill the screen with colors and different effects, animation has taken over to bring to life inanimate objects. It’s the imagination of the writer or producer to bring forth their feelings and their opinion on various topics and various subject. It’s actually a medium in which objects or images are manipulated to appear as moving with the help of technology. The Visual Effects (VFX) are added to bring in effects to the real life images in combination with animation.
This industry is a growing field as it is into gaming, web-design, movies, TV commercials, education field, and advertising. Hence, there is ample opportunity for people with creativity and flair for colors.

Animation course at Walk_In Educate

Our Animation training Institute was established in Mulund, in the year 2006. This center can be reached by various modes of commuting. Our services focus on Animation Training Institute, Multimedia training institute, Computer Training Institute for 3D animation.
With many training institutes that have evolved, we provide the most advanced featured courseware that have spread into 2D and 3D animation. The courses are mainly
-Proficiency in 3D Maya Magic
-Advanced Diploma in Graphics Animation.
Our courses are also short termed, either full time or part time or distance education. We also offer morning and evening sessions for working professionals to upgrade their skills.
We offer various training programs that motivate the creativity in the students to uptake projects that are challenging. They get well equipped with our field trips be it national or international levels exposing them to the changing trends. Our qualified and dedicated staff provide the right guidance giving them an unforgettable experience. Also our courses are at par to address the growing Animation industry needs. We provide training to our staff to get them updated on the latest trends and to keep up to the standards and upgrade their skills, along with the guidance of professionals in the field of Animation Industry.
The courses not only are skill based but are job-oriented as well. Hence, you would also find affiliate courses that makes one proficient in Sound editing, Video editing, Game designing, Web designing, 3D architecture, 2D/3D animation. We offer hands on practical sessions in sync with the theory that covers identify designs, communication design, poster design and designing for merchandise. Our aim is to bridge the gap between the requirements of booming animation industry with skilled and trained professionals.

Our business

We make our course attractive that anyone entering here would not go out without a certificate in hand. Our students have become VFX artist, Motion Graphics Artist, Modeling Artist. We see ourselves to expand into the lien of different service sectors and into products where there is growth. Our business employs people who are dedicated to their roles and are committed to the vision of the company.
So, what are you waiting for! Join this platform to build your guide your career to accept challenging roles in the either in designing or development or media animation field.

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