If you want to improve your skills and take your level higher up the photography ladder, the Walk_In Educate Digital Photography course is the right one for you! Spread over a period of 3 months, this course covers every vital topic related to photography along with skill enhancement sessions to thoroughly build your knowledge, knowhow and abilities.

So as to endow you with more confidence to shoot your favorite sights and wonders! A must for aspiring photographers who want to progress to the next stage and professionals who want to brush up on their skills.

1. Course Structure
2. Basics of Photography
3. How to use Camera
4. How to care for your camera
5. Visual Literacy
6. Practical Assignments
7. Introduction to lighting
8. Travel photography in natural lighting
9. Equipment to carry
10. Professional Portfolio
11. Self-check quiz

Course Advantage

1. Convenience and comfortable learning from home
2. Friendly personal tutors and one to one interaction
3. Structured learning system with modules containing specific number of lessons
4. 24×7 availability of online course
5. Step by step professional guidance
6. Evaluation based progress
7. Rapid learning method comprising of photo lesson study, practice and quiz
8. Lifelong mentors to offers tips and suggestions
9. Downloadable course content
10. Walk_In Educate Certificate on Course Completion

A Professional Photographer is entirely different from Amateurs. With the smartphone revolution, anyone can become an “instant photographer” and go on “shooting” anything his eyes see before him. But these Photographs won’t come into the classification of Photography.

The word “Photography” instantly kindles many thoughts. Anyone can absorb the real meaning of a subject through a picture, rather than detailing it in one thousand words. A Photograph not only depicts merely the object but also many more things related with it, like the artistic talent of the Photographer, who clicked it; the timing sense and spontaneous creativity bubbling from within.

The entire Photography course is consists of several outdoor sessions, of intensive learning and hands-on training. Its a journey of picking up the camera to confidently taking steps into the world of professional photography within two months.

Professional Photography Course Overview

This photography course is a comprehensive program that will teach you how to take control of your camera. You will learn the secrets of exposure, lighting and lenses. You’ll receive training on proper composition as you learn how professional photographers create the perfect shot in all conditions. The course offers an introduction to a wide variety of different photographic genres – weddings, nature, landscapes, wildlife, portraits, studio, still life and more.

Throughout the course you will complete photo projects and submit them online to be reviewed and evaluated by a professional photographer. By the time you complete the program, you’ll have the confidence and skills to turn your love of photography into a full or part-time career.

Photography Course Goal

1. Working on Live Projects and Assignments.
2. Lighting setups for Fashion Photography and Flash Photography with Speed lights.
3. Learn Skin Cleanup and Picture Enhancement techniques in adobe Photoshop.
4. Practical training and classroom projects in fashion, portfolio, product & nature landscape photography.

What You’ll Learn

After completing the Walk_In Educate Digital Photography course, students will be able to:
1. Develop his or her eye as a photographer and develop a visual signature.
2. Utilize exposure, lighting and lenses on his or her camera.
3. Describe proper composition and how to take the perfect photograph in all conditions.
4. Discuss different photographic genres including wedding, nature, landscapes, wildlife, portraits, studio, still life and more.
5. Use the manual mode on a camera.
6. Explain how to make money with his or her camera in a variety of fields.
7. Identify business skills to turn photography into a career.
8. Demonstrate skills that will enhance his or her photography-including work flow and image editing.
9. Create magic with a click of a button! Get exposed to the nuances of digital photography and capture moments giving it your distinct touch. Today pictures can be clicked by all from all possible devices ranging from mobile phones, touchpads, digital cameras or DSLRS.

This course is envisaged to take the hobbyist to the next level. How to work on a DSLR? How to click products, people, landscapes, etc the professional way? How to work in natural lights vis-à-vis artificial lights? is all part of the program delivered here at Walk_In Educate.

The Walk_In Educate Digital Photography Course is conducted by instructors who are also professionals in their respective fields. They are respected veterans of the industry and they give each student the personal focus necessary for launching his career.

After successfully completing the course, students can start their careers as photographers with various studios or start their own entrepreneur setup.