Most popular animation studios in Mumbai

Most popular animation studios in Mumbai

Maya Digital Studios – Leading animation studio

Most popular animation studios : Maya Digital Studios is the best and experiences leading animation studio in India. They provide the high-quality 3D Animation, 2D Animation and also the Stereoscopic 3D Conversion of content. Today Maya Digital Studios is the only largest original content creator of animation in India. MDS has shown their ability and talents in produce the many delicate features animated lengthy film like Ramayana which was the epic film – Maya was the first Indian studio that produces the self-produce this intellectual property.
Maya Digital Studios not only focusing on the high-end animation outsourcing but also concentrated on the IPR content development through the Indian content creation that spreads over globally. MDS also offers the Adventures of Motu Patlu and VIR – Kisna, Eena Meena Deeka and The Robot Boy, which are getting high TRPs in the Children’s TV channel in India. They also provide the new ones and also maintain these programs as well.

The most famous animated television shows of the Maya Digital Studios are the Adventures of Motu Patlu, VIR – Eena Meena Deeka, Kisna and The Robot Boy. These are the shows in the kid’s channel such as Nickelodeon, Discovery Kids, and Hungama, having the high TRP rating in the children’s space in India.

Prana Studios

Prana Studios in India provide the full-time services of 3D animation and visual effects, artist-driven with the production offices in the USA, Mumbai, CA and Los Angles. They provide the best services of developing the content and create the state of the art visual imagery for the long animated film, short-form media, special venue attraction, high-quality visual effects for hybrid action and live action. The visual and story development to the final post, including complete CG and stereoscopic animation and image creation are our special creative skills. They are also associated with the Hollywood studios and independent production companies all over the world.

Paper boat Studios

Our best mantra is “We like to do different things and think differently”. They start with the team of the broad-minded, creative thought and new thoughts members who mark the studios’ uniqueness in anything artistic. They have taken the personal approach to the business which helps to understand the individual intricacies of different projects. This way helps to satisfy the customer’s needs.

Still this year, they give the innovative designs and intelligence in many projects and also provide the best expressions of quality. Their long experience helps them to offer unusual things and more innovative delivery.

CreatFX Studios

CreatFX Studios is one of the best attractive digital studios which produce groundbreaking animations, designs, and visual effects. The VFX division in CreatFX Studios shows the infinite wealth of talent and creativity of the animators. We are very much excited about the development of the animation field with deep talents and creativity.

With the two members who are very intelligent and creative people, make one of the world’s famous digital studios. We had also associated with the revolutionary producers and directors to produce some memorable and images on our journey.

Moving Pictures Company

Moving Pictures Company is also called the Motion Picture Company. MPC Bangalore is the part of the MPC and is located in London. The headquarters of MPC is the UK, but it is present all over the world – New York, Paris, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Shanghai and Bangalore in India. Mike Luckwell was founded the MPC in 1974. Later it was taken over by Carlton Communications and then sells it to Thomson SA. After that, it gets established and become one of the best post-production services providers in Europe and also established their services to the worldwide.

Red Chillies

Red Chillies was first started as another production company namely defunct Dreamz Unlimited. Shahrukh Khan was one of the partners in Dreamz Unlimited. Due to the severe loss, all other partners left, and he had taken over the full responsibility and reconstructed and transformed into the Red Chillies. It was founded by both he and his wife, Gauri Khan. Now Red Chillies is the best company which plays the major role in the distribution and production of films in 2003.

Source Animation Studios

Source Animation Studios is one of the most popular youth animation studios. More than 30 excellent youth animators who work very hard and helps to improve the art of the studio and also give the unique source in the 2D, 3D animation productions. They also provide cost-effective works to customers. They are also working with worldwide clients.

They are capable of doing 2D and 3D animation in any of the field. When you join with their source, they provide the craft, production experience and good imagination skills, animated TV series, TV commercial, game, e-learning, short film, VFX for the feature film, product demo or the other project fly.

Tata Elxsi

Tata Elxsi was founded in 1989. It was the part of the TATA Group which provides the best designs and technology in different fields like engineering, automotive and also animation and visual effects. In the visual effects, Tata Elxsi gives the services like particle effects, colour corrections, 3D dynamics, and many other like this.

Vertex Volt

Vertex Volt who found the independent visual effects studio which gives the successful show like ‘Siya Ke Ram’, ‘Devon Ke Dev Mahadev’, ‘The Adventures of Hatim’ and ‘Chandrakanta- Prem ya Paheli’. These shows make this company as one of the top visual effects and animation Company. Vertex Volt has the 12 years experience in the animation field makes above 70 shows and Bollywood films. He is the hard working person.

Vertex Volt introduced the creative, innovative and also raising the bar of VFX industry which is used in all the new projects and also has the best team members. They are the best team always working for a single goal to give the best of best things in animation.

Makuta VFX

Makuta VFX is the newly formed company when compared to the other company. It has been started over a few years back only. The chairman of the Makuta VFX is Dasaradha Gude, and he makes this company a good going animation company. They provide the many services like modelling, lighting, animation, rigging, lighting and shading, effective animation and many others like this.

Prime Focus Limited

Prime Focus World’s humble roots were got back to 1995 when Namit Malhotra joined with the tree of his teaches and also with his father garage planned to start the video editing studio which is called as Workshop. In the future, Video workshop joined with the Naresh Malhotra’s who was the Namit Malhotra’s father, and after that, they develop into the Prime focus.

Reliance Mediaworks

Manmohan Shetty first founded reliance Mediaworks in 1975. It was then called Adlabs Films Limited. But in 2005, the Reliance ADA Group has taken over most of Adlabs’ shares and then it was called Reliance Mediaworks. It is currently owned by one of India’s most leading cinema chains – Big Cinema. They are established not only in India but also developed in Malaysia, USA, and some other countries too. Reliance Mediaworks have more than 1500 screens around the world, and their movies reach millions of people annually.


XTRIM STUDIOS is the group of the best Indian VFX Industry. XTRIM STUDIOS provides the complete services visual effect studios, compressing each stage of films and advertising. Our multi-package services help you to get the best services with the affordable budget. Our sincere work with creativity and innovation can be reflected throughout the project, and it becomes the best forever.

XTRIM STUDIOS provides services like powerful on-set visual effects, immersive digital set extension, high-end feature animation and productive work, digital matte painting, clean-up, motion tracking, and final composition. We also offer other services in TV series (like Flash – DC universe), Advertisements (Nike, Renault etc.), Films (Sci-Fiction, Horror, Action), and the international video songs.

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