Choose a consistent color palette Interior and Architecture Design

It’s a common misconception that mixing pieces of different styles is a big no-no. However, designer Emily Henderson assures us that we can—there’s just one trick to keep in mind. “The truth is, you can mix almost any style as long as the pieces work well within your chosen color palette (I’d say three to four colors work best),” she explains.

“You should, of course, consider materials and silhouettes (everything should look like they are at least cousins, share some similar design DNA) but keeping your colors consistent is the safest bet for making your space look put together.”

Apply Powder Coatings to Bathroom Fixture Interior Designing

“Powder coating! I love to custom powder coat bathroom accessories. Recently we worked on a project where we used a bright yellow Vola faucet and custom powder coated the trash can and towel ring to match. It is such a fun way to add a pop of color! Generally, if it’s metal it can be powder coated, and you can pick any color under the sun.”

—Amy Sklar, Amy Sklar Design

Map Out Your Gallery Wall

“Let’s face it, once the hole is in the wall, we’re unlikely to move framed pieces around. A great way to hang your pictures for a gallery wall without making mistakes is to create templates out of cardboard,” says designer Taniya Nayak. “I re-used cardboard from the boxes that my art actually came in. Just trace, cut out, and hang on the wall. Move around until it’s just right. Be sure to use a good quality painter’s tape like Frogtape to make sure you don’t pull the paint off!”

—Taniya Nayak, Taniya Nayak Design

Use large Art to Make a Small space seem Bigger

In a small space, we often assume that the furniture and art should be small, but designer Tracy Morris encourages us to try the opposite. “If you have a smaller space, try to use one large piece of art as a focal point. One large piece of art will make space feel larger and grander. Too many small pictures tend to chop up space,” she explains. “I try to use this concept in at least one space in each of my client’s homes. It could be a foyer that needs an anchor or a smaller living room that needs a focal point.” Interior Designing

—Tracy Morris, Tracy Morris Design

Keep Your Bedskirt in Place with Pins

Have a bed skirt that won’t stay in place? One designer has an easy fix: “To help keep your bed skirt in place over time, use upholstery pins on the deck of the box spring. Pin through the skirt top and box spring so the skirt hangs evenly.” Interior Designing

—Katie Raffetto, founder of Katie Raffetto Interior Design

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