Digital Marketing Training

Digital Marketing Training

Digital Marketing – Comprehensive Education and Learning from Walk_In Educate

The Digital Marketing Training by Walk_In Educate is a 3-months classroom  training program is held by trained experts.  In this training program, you will learn the  fundamentals of Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing & Online Advertising (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube),  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) basic, Google AdWords, Email Marketing and SEO online tools, Blogging, and an understanding of Inbound Marketing and Google Analytics. Digital Marketing Training

Overview of Digital marketing

Digital Marketing Training comprises four essentials parts namely Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing, PPC and Content Marketing. There are various other sections such as Conversion Optimization, Web Analytics, Content Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Email Marketing, etc.

We will train you in the above topics as well as Youtube Marketing, Facebook Ad, Google Analytics, Google Ads, Instagram marketing, Infographics Design, Content Preparation and Site Optimization.

After the above training, we will give you live project that will teach you to formulate and execute digital marketing campaigns. In addition to the above, we will help to get  digital marketing certifications in Analytics, Marketing etc. Digital Marketing Training

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO ).

It pays off to know how search engine functions inside and out and that digital marketing is all about making a brand or business visible through search engines. Search Engine do not understand media, images or video but they do understand the content, title and filenames and accordingly they rank the website for those keywords.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a offline process where you have to gather  keywords that are related to the site and add them strategically to the site. You can add keywords to the meta title, meta description, h1, h2, h3 tags, alt tags, image filenames and in the content.

We will teach you the fundamentals of Keyword Research and the process to optimize the site for Search Engines. We will also teach how to use tools for SEO analysis for the keywords, target audiences and help you to achieve search engine visibility.

2. Social Media Marketing (SMM)

People interact with their friends and others heavily through different social medias. They will likewise interact with a brand on social media when they see an amazing advertisement on a Facebook page or a video uploaded on Instagram. They end up viewing or commenting on the product or service on Social Media. This is social media marketing.

3. Understanding Pay-Per-Click (PPC) concepts

Online advertising or PPC (Pay Per Click)  is most of the popular forms of promoting your website. It allows the advertisers to bid for ads to be placed in the search engine’s sponsored links. These sponsored links are shown  when a person searches for those keyword that you have selected when you setup up the PPC.

We have to pay a small fee each time when a person clicks our ad, which will redirect them to our website.

Setting up PPC is a complicated process of understanding the right keywords and demographics, target audience and also the right bid. We will teach how to use Online Advertising tools to promote your website.  Certification in Digital Marketing

4. Content Marketing

Content marketing is a process that is focused  on creating a strategic marketing approach and distributing valuable content on website and blogging sites to attract and hold on a clearly defined audience — and, eventually, to drive profitable client activity.

We can also say that content marketing is a process of digital marketing that is used for to popularize a brand or product through blog or article writing which uses a  inconspicuous methodology than that of the advertising. Content marketing is the most appropriate and effective way to provide the accurate and valuable information to the consumers and at the same time promote your brand.

Content marketing process can be delivered using a variety of media like magazines, ads it can also take a lots of different types such has infographics, Videos, Blogs and articles. Whatever the name, content marketing is regularly merged in such a way so as to not stand out from the other material served by host.    Certification in Digital Marketing

5. Email Marketing

The consumer is provided with an option to receive emails about products, discounts, events, etc. An interesting email would prompt the reader to check out the related website to make a purchase.

You will get live project for hands on learning experience with assignments and exercises. As part of the training process, you will create a website and plan a complete online marketing strategy for it. We offer 100% Practical Training and we Offer Job Assistance also.

During the project, you will learn digital marketing strategies required for a website.

What do the students get at the end of the training

  • Walk_In Educate  Certificate to every successful participant
  • Good Career with strong growth
  • Internship Opportunity
  • Presentations and slides of the workshop (soft copies)
  • Study Material for Digital Marketing Resources Certification in Digital Marketing

We always focus on offering right knowledge for all candidates with hands-on practical classes at our Digital Marketing institution and our industry expert always maintains quality coaching. In this way, the course fee and duration given by our foundation is trusted right,  we also offer free study materials to the registered candidates to boost their career growth.

By using the appropriate social media, strategies, and tools. In this program we offer an understanding of the key elements to build a successful digital marketing campaign. In this courses you will be introduced to the core techniques of digital marketing and you will also learn different case studies in this course, to help the student participants to give them the best digital practice in there own ways.

Walk_In Educate Provides the best digital Marketing Course in Mumbai.

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