Are you interested in 3D animation career?

Are you interested in 3D animation career?

In this modern world, the Career in Animation field is the best option. Why you get oscillation? You can earn a high salary in this field. You can get growth, development and also has an excellent opportunity to show your creativity and talents. The career in the animation is the best choice for the present youth. Some of the films like the Ice age, Kung Fu Panda, Bahubali and some other animation films get more attractions from children and adults. The growth of the animation field looks so bright.


The animation job represents the art of breathing life to an object or the character. The animation is combined with the entertainment industry and technology. The animation is the combination of design, layout, drawing, and the production of graphically rich and attractive multimedia clips.


Are you interested in becoming a 3d animator? Are you planned to improve your skills and basic animation knowledge? You can quickly enhance your solid foundation and also learn more things with the help of our excellent staff at Walk_in Educate. Forgetting a superb job post in animation, you need the passion and skills in animation, and also require a degree or diploma in animation.


More than 15,000 animation professionals work around the 300 animation studios in India. In animation, gaming animation is the top one, and the animators also work well. The animation is not only famous in the entertainment film and television but also play a significant role in business, sales, engineers, education, and advertising. The animators also work in the print and publishing firms.


The animation is one of the multi-billion dollar industries which has a good scope and also has a lot of career options like technology-based jobs such as composition, digital ink, and paint, scanning, etc. In the gaming industry, you can show your creativity in visual effects supervisor, character animators, and 3D modelers. In the animation field, freelance work is the additional option mainly for web animators. Animators can also be divided into graphics designs, wed design, three-dimensional products, and CD-Rom production.


Income: The salary ranges from Rs.8000 to Rs.15, 000 per month for the junior animators. If you are having the experience of three to five years in animation, then you can get Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 40,000 per month. The excellent knowledge and experienced person can earn Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 60,000 easily per month. Many of the Indian companies take the project from the US and European studio and creating animated films and cartoons. The best animators have a bright future in this animation field.


Getting the excellent training in the essential and vital things of the animation is the necessary one to become a creative and excellent professional animator. If you want to become a good animator, you have to join any one of the diploma courses. There are many diploma courses are available. Some of them are diploma in graphics, web designing, etc. During the course time, students can get grounding, proper training, and certification for their specific topics like Modelling, lighting, animation, rigging, visual effects, etc. This will helps the person to shine in this new and creative animation field.


If you completed the diploma course means you can get any of the jobs like the Graphic designer, web designer, 2D.3D designer, 2D/3D animator, AV Editor, 3D modeler, compositors, visualizers, content developers, multimedia programmers, and pre and post-production executives in leading animation studios and other entertainment companies.


Are you interested in working in the animation field? But don’t have any idea where to start and how to become an animator? Don’t worry. Now you are in the best place.

The best 3D Animation courses at Walk_In Educate Institute

Walk_In Educate Institute is the best-reputed design institution located in the Navi, Mumbai and Thane area. If you are interested to learn the different and special course in animation, you have knowledge about Proficiency in 3D Maya Magic (P3DMM). This special course explains the principles of animation and also explains the basic techniques of 3D animation and visual effects which are used in the modern creative animation field.

The course contents are:

  • Animation principles
  • Pipeline production
  • Storyboarding
  • Background designs
  • Image editions and digital imaging
  • Character illustration
  • Sketching and storyboard
  • Animation with VFX and techniques in 3D animation
  • Post production with the compositing and editing
  • Camera Angle studios

In animation, the advanced course is an Advanced Diploma in Graphics Animation (ADGA) (AICPTR). This will include topics like modification and creation of the moving pictures in 2D and also in 3D dimensions. The course contents are:

  • Animation principle
  • Sketching and storyboard
  • Image edition
  • Animation scripting in 2D dimension
  • Pipeline production
  • Character illustration
  • Sculpting techniques in 3D
  • Digital imaging
  • Animation with VFX and creation techniques in 3D
  • Post production with compositing and editing
  • Stop-motion in animation (using clay objects and models)
  • Advanced motion graphics in 2D and 3D

Each course has unique features and explains specific techniques. So you have to choose well the best course which suits your interests.

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