The digital future is here, go create with Walk_In Educate 3D animation

Are you a computer geek? Have you a flair for colour and creating cartoon characters? Fascinated by the huge graphic designs in your favourite movies? Seen the various ways of companies advertise their products? All these are possible only with 3D animation course.

About 3D animation course

The future of the world is no doubt in the form of electronic media. With technology developments, the demand for sophisticated entertainment and educational tools keeps growing. With this grow the need for talented 3D animators. It could be that talent is working remotely or along with team, nevertheless field of animation is booming.

What does a 3D animator do?

It’s about telling story visually with the audience. IT could be 2D or 3D where the idea is taken up in paper then into computer software using Maya, Motion Builder, Mud box and FBX. These are incorporated into video games, television movies, or other electronic media. The 3D animators need to
– create animation and graphics with the aid of computer illustrations and software programs
– research for different ideas for animation
– create working models for the animated characters in movies, video games.
– get feedback from clients and other team members to edit the changes.

It is a self employed job wherein they can work with different teams for different projects.

Who we are

Walk-In Educate has 3D animation and Visual Effect studio. It is premier destination for studying the art visual effects.
Walk_In Educate, located in the prime suburbs of Mumbai, is a one of the top seeded VFX schools where we provide the cutting edge visual effect solutions to give a realistic experience to audience. We not only focus on theory but also equip you with the necessary skills that helps you excel in the VFX. Our programs are the best in the schools and which helps student to select based on their choice.

About our course

Who does our course benefit?

  1. Professionals working in the field of animation requiring to upgrade their skills with the latest version of software.
  2. Intermediate level users who intend to develop their current skill set to keep up to the trend.
  3. Beginners wishing to take up 3D animation as their career path.