2021 Digital Marketing Trends

If you’re out-of-date with your digital marketing trends, you’re limiting your brand in both reach and repetition. You may be unaware of new marketing trends, but your customers—and your competitors—are not.

That is why have listed out digital marketing trends of 2021 for you. Let’s count in.

Video Marketing:

Yes, video marketing is still and most effective trend continuing in 2021. You might not wanna let your hands go off of this point. with hosting videos becoming easier and easier, each year sees more successful and ambitious branded videos online.

Optimizing Featured Snippets

2020 digital marketing trends
featured snippets

Google is trying to get better at delivering content to humans, so we need to take these changes into account and adjust our SEO techniques accordingly. One of the reasons digital marketing trends change so rapidly is because the platforms they depend on change rapidly. Just look at Google, which updates its search algorithm thousands of times a year.

Maximum search queries have featured snippets, which are benefitted to be on the first page and get a lot more clicks than the other search results. This is why it is important to keep them in mind when creating content and optimizing each piece of content for featured snippets.

For Digital marketers, in 2020 it’s more important than before to create high-quality content that covers topics and keywords thoroughly and clearly, yet well-structured and easy to understand. We are writing for humans and for search engines alike, so make sure we don’t neglect one or the other.


Video Blogs are more popular with the ongoing trends of youtube, Instagram stories, IGTV, Snapchats,…etc. Vloggers speak directly to the viewer (PewDiePie style), creating a more personal and direct connection—obviously this creating a great boon to marketers trying to forge stronger relationships with their customers.

Alternative or Other Social Media Channels2020 digital marketing trends

Despite optimism over Facebook’s most recent earnings, the continual declines of both user growth and public opinion have shaken confidence in the platform’s dominance. Likewise, Twitter is seeing a similar elevation in growth, leading to a shift in power.

To be clear, both Twitter and Facebook will remain useful marketing tools throughout 2020 and beyond. But the journey has already started.

Alternative social media channels are already seeing new interest and promising growth levels. If you can start promoting your presence on these “secondary” sites now, it’s likely to pay off in a few years after they continue to rise

Interactive Emails2020 digital marketing trends

Email still remains just as viable as ever—the ROI of email marketing as of February 2019 was 3,200%. However, other experts notice that the numbers are slowing or decaying. Rather than dropping this fruitful channel, digital marketers are relieving it with a new coat of paint.

Lately, we’re seeing a sudden decline in plain-text emails and newsletters. In their place are gorgeous, pixel-perfect emails that look from a web designer’s portfolio has taken place. Email marketing now uses emails that look and function like web pages—including clickable buttons and other interactions.

Sentiment Analysis2020 digital marketing trends

Most of us human is trying to figure out what the heck the other is thinking, and while hundreds and thousands of years of biological advancement haven’t helped us much in understanding what the other person is thinking, just a few years of the invention of technology and we’re already making progress.

Sentiment analysis tools like Critical MentionRepustate or Lexalytics,..etc, reveal what people really think about your brand. You can then use that data to fine-tune not just your products, but also your strategies for sales, marketing, social media and content. So helpful!

Micro-Influencers2020 digital marketing trends

 Marketing through influencers has been a trend in digital marketing since for a few years now. It’s is so successful, that big-time influencers are now calling the shots. It’s not enough to send them a free sample in hopes they’ll review it—there are payment tables and pricing lists. Social media “influence” is now a commodity and an expensive one at that.


So that was a few trends in digital marketing of 2020. Let us know which one was helpful for you. 


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